About us

Healthy 4 Delaware is a coalition of organizations, businesses, community groups, health systems, health care professionals and community leaders who are determined to improve the vitality, prosperity, and health of Delaware kids.  Our objective is simple:  to advocate for policies that ensure children have access to healthy food and opportunities to engage in physical activities in their communities.

Our inaugural campaign focuses on improving the nutritional quality of restaurant kids’ meals by ensuring they come with healthy drinks.

Kids and parents should see options first that they can feel good about –  like low-fat milk and water.

Some restaurants have made the switch to healthy drinks for kids’ meals.  Unfortunately, most still offer soda and other sugary drinks as the default options. With your help, we can make sure all restaurants serve kids better by ensuring healthy beverages are the automatic options unless a parent requests an alternative.

Wilmington led the way by passing a kids’ meal policy last summer. Our leaders in Dover should follow suit by passing a statewide policy.

Join hands with caring parents, businesses, community leaders, health systems, doctors, and community groups to support healthier choices for kids and families in Delaware today!

Healthy 4 Delaware
is a growing movement whose partners include: